Manually installing a (persistent) Firewall Rule to allow IPFIX on the ESX Host

On August 25, 2016, in Network Management, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

Hey, I have been playing around with vRNI last week and before I am going to write an article about some use cases and about the features I am first going to tell you what I had to do to actually make it work. Detailed steps for this exercise are found on my wiki because […]


Getting started with vRealize Network Insight / Arkin (Installation & Configuration)

On August 18, 2016, in Data Center, Infrastructure, Network Management, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

I decided to play around with vRealize Network Insight after reading this article. Detailed steps for this exercise are found on my wiki because I believe this can be better documented in wiki format. Erik Scholten has written a pretty good article on the capabilities of vRealize Network Insight here. The steps for installation are […]


Getting started with vSphere PowerShell PowerCLI and PowerNSX – PowerShell extensions for NSX

Last week figured out how to script vSphere related stuff with Python. This week it is time for something new… how can we “script” vSphere stuff using PowerShell and how can we script NSX related stuff in particular. So this is a list of steps (if you are really getting started) that you need to […]


My job profile and the Cisco Datacenters

As many people ask my (including my dad) what I am actually doing (work related) I decided to write a blog post about this. I am currently working for Cisco Systems in The Netherlands for the NDCS organisation in the DCNI departement. NDCS stands for “Network Data Center Services” and DCNI stands for “Data Center […]

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