IPv6 with dynamic routing and redistribution – RIPng and OSPFv3

On October 3, 2010, in Certification, Design & Architecture, Routing, Service Provider, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

Last year I did a project for school about IPv6 and the IPv6 dynamic routing protocols and redistributing these. Before you read this article or going to try the stuff on dynamips later on it is wise to know a little bit about IPv6 and it’s background. Maybe a wise thing is to read THIS […]

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ISP MPLS core design I (with OSPF and BGP) — complete with config files and dynamips .net file

On October 3, 2010, in Certification, Routing, Service Provider, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

Due to my overall expierience with POC testing (Proof Of Concept testing) I wanted to build a solid basis to test some networking features in the future. I came up with designing and building a few template networks where I can do all of the testing that I am going to preform in the future. […]

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Very cool QOS simulation in Flash

On October 2, 2010, in Certification, Packet Captures, Routing, Service Provider, Voice Over IP, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

I just bumped into a cool QOS simulation movie on the cisco website. I’s a cool illustration of how QOS is working on a QOS enabled interface. See for yourself!!! Cisco QOS Simulation

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Native IPv6 GRE Tunnel using 2 x Cisco 877’s

On August 30, 2010, in Routing, Service Provider, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

Somewhere in 2007 I written an article on native IPv6 GRE Tunneling between 2 x Cisco 877’s. This small test project was done together with my old manager Willem Eradus. We both had an SixXS account with both our own IPv6 subnet. What the goal was is to connect the internal IPv6 LAN range of […]

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