Creating an bootable ESXi 6.7 USB disk

On May 4, 2018, in Infrastructure, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

Hi all, This will be a short one 😉 I am upgrading my home lab to vSphere 6.7. In order to do this I needed to create a bootable ESXi 6.7 USB disk. As there are plenty of examples of how to do this with the vSphere 6.5 ISO file I just wanted to confirm […]

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VCDX Design Factors – Gathering Information, Defining Requirements and Identify Risks, Constraints and Assumptions

On September 5, 2016, in Certification, Design & Architecture, Infrastructure, VCDX, VCDX-NV, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

In my previous blog post I have been talking about the different design factors that influence the design decisions made throughout an architectural design. This article is part of my VCDX blog article series that can be found here. In this article I am going to talk about how to determine these design factor elements […]


Getting started with vRealize Network Insight / Arkin (Installation & Configuration)

On August 18, 2016, in Data Center, Infrastructure, Network Management, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

I decided to play around with vRealize Network Insight after reading this article. Detailed steps for this exercise are found on my wiki because I believe this can be better documented in wiki format. Erik Scholten has written a pretty good article on the capabilities of vRealize Network Insight here. The steps for installation are […]


Identity Based Firewalling and perquisites needed for NSX 6.2.3 and prior to NSX 6.2.3

On August 11, 2016, in Infrastructure, NSX, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

Last week I needed to implement Identity based Firewalling for one of my customers. There are plenty of good blogs on how to do this like here, here, here and I even created a video about it myself here. For some reason I could not get it to work… This is the reason why. Prior to NSX 6.2.3. […]


Getting started with vSphere PowerShell PowerCLI and PowerNSX – PowerShell extensions for NSX

Last week figured out how to script vSphere related stuff with Python. This week it is time for something new… how can we “script” vSphere stuff using PowerShell and how can we script NSX related stuff in particular. So this is a list of steps (if you are really getting started) that you need to […]


Getting started with vSphere and python scripting (pyVmomi)

On July 27, 2016, in Data Center, Infrastructure, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

During one of my engagements as a Professional Services Consultant I needed to upgrade a vSphere 5.1 environment to vSphere 6. Detailed steps for this exercise are found on my wiki because I believe this can be better documented in wiki format. Not really exciting when you have enough hosts available to play with. But […]


CCIE Datacenter exam now officially announced

On March 20, 2012, in Certification, Data Center, Infrastructure, Personal, Storage, Virtualisation, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

SO I woke up this morning very early and did the usual Facebook and Twitter read in bed and there it was … The CCIE Datacenter track has officially be announced. More information can be found on the website of Cisco itself of course. To summarize,: the Written CCIE Datacenter exam will have exam number […]

My job profile and the Cisco Datacenters

As many people ask my (including my dad) what I am actually doing (work related) I decided to write a blog post about this. I am currently working for Cisco Systems in The Netherlands for the NDCS organisation in the DCNI departement. NDCS stands for “Network Data Center Services” and DCNI stands for “Data Center […]

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MPO / MTP cables

On October 5, 2010, in Data Center, Infrastructure, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

Recently I have started working in a newly build Cisco Data Center and I learned about a new type of cabeling that is used for patching. Patching between patchpanels and network equipment. This cabling is called MPO / MTP which stands for “Multiple-Fibre Push-On/Pull-off” MPO is Multiple-Fibre Push-On connector. MTP connector, designed by US Conec […]

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