SCCP to SIP endpoint conversion (and backwards)

On October 2, 2010, in Certification, Voice Over IP, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

After my twitter post this morning on Cisco Phone migrations a few people asked me to write a blog post on this… When you do the CCIE voice lab you need to work with SCCP and SIP endpoints. The best and fastest option is to just let all your phones register with SCCP by default. […]

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Packet capture of an iPhone 4 Facetime call

On October 2, 2010, in Voice Over IP, Wireless & Radio, by Iwan Hoogendoorn

This blog article is based on the blog article that was written by FryGuy. This article will explain what is happening on the low level when a Facetime call is made between 2 x iPhone 4 devices. FryGuy tested facetime and enabled packet capturing in his ASA to see what is actually happening on the […]

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